January 11, 2015 - In September 2015 CGF decided to invest in Building Depot Holding B.V. The main reason for this investment was the company’s strong market position in Curacao and it’s undeniable potential for continued growth. Building Depot is one of the biggest stores on the island in the areas of building materials, hardware, household appliances and household products and has a beautiful megastore which is conveniently and strategically placed in Zeelandia. They are a favorite within the local population for their excellent variety of affordable but yet high quality products. Building Depot is a proud partner of Do It Best Corp in U.S.A and Leen Bakker in the Netherlands which provide them with products and valuable expertise. Building Depot prides, itself in being the place where the people of Curacao can find everything they need for their home and business, therefore their slogan: “Djis pense nos tine”. We believe that together with the management team we can continue to build on the good name and reputation of Building Depot, and can create the growth that has been made possible by the creation of a brand new megastore.