Dynaf was founded in 1999; as a supplier of emergency power supplies such as generators and UPS systems, which it still is. The company has now grown into a leading regional player in the field of energy production and storage; with almost 50 employees and offices in CuraƧao, Aruba, Sint Maarten and Bonaire.

The world is at the beginning of a necessary and inevitable energy transition, which will have to make the production and use of energy sustainable. Caribbean countries will have to go along with this, but at the same time they can also benefit from it, because sustainable energy sources such as wind and sun are widely available. Dynaf has been at the forefront for years as an innovator that offers new technologies and products in the field of solar energy, batteries, electric cars and their charging systems, etc. 'Innovation' means the smart application of existing and proven technology to achieve the right provide solutions to customers. Security is of great importance; maintenance and warranty are the basis for maintaining long-term customer relationships.

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Posted on Apr 10, 2021