Fortuna is a Loyalty Program that allows consumers to accumulate points (Fortuna Points) as an incentive for their purchases at participating merchants. Merchants include Building Depot, Mangusa Hypermarket, Botika di Servisio, and others.

To participate in the Fortuna Program, consumers must first register as a member, by downloading the free Fortuna Card app. Once registered, members can use the Fortuna App to save Fortuna Points when making purchases at participating merchants. The program will give members incentives for purchases that they make at participating merchants. The value can vary per merchant. Each merchant can decide how many points it gives to consumers per purchase.

Fortuna literally puts the power in the hand of the consumers. There are multiple redeem options if you’re using the Fortuna App; points can be redeemed for cash, Pagatinu credit, and more.

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Posted on Sep 01, 2020